Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fresh Tomatoes

I love August in Indiana because we have the most
delicious tomatoes that have ripened and ready to eat.

About 63 years ago, my Dad and Mom purchased a
small little grocery store in the town of Teegarden,
Indiana. When they purchased the store the previous
owner had a stock of garden seeds. In one of the seed
packets there was a package of tomato seeds called
Super Market Tomatoes. My Mom sewed the seeds in
the late winter (still her favorite thing to do) and
by that August they were harvesting the most delicious
tomatoes. She has saved these seeds every year since
then and as you can tell, they are very large and the sweetest

Yesterday I spent the day canning tomatoes, so I didn't
get a card made. This winter I will be very glad!

One tip: Sprinkle your tomatoes with salt, pepper and some
balsamic vinegar. The vinegar really brings out the flavor.


Cheryl said...

Looks just like the tomatoes I used to can with my motherinlaw in PA. You will certainly enjoy them in the winter, Joan.

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

You have no idea how much I love garden fresh tomatoes -- we have only had 1 ripe so far -- and I ate is all myself -- LOL!!! I make a ton of salsa -- I have a good, easy recipe!!!

Judy said...

Your tomatoes are absolutely beautiful and you will certainly enjoy them this winter. I used to can and freeze lots of vegetables when my children were little and I lived on the farm.

LeAnne said...

Hi Joan,
I wanted to let you know I received my Halloween set just fine, thanks so much! I just finished picking a huge load of tomatoes, so this posting was very appropriate for me to read, as I think I will be making sauce tomorrow. I got rid of all my canning stuff, so it will be freezer for me!