Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Time Garden Luncheon

I love summer time garden luncheons. This
is a picture of the plate that I served for several of my
friends. I wanted to stuff the Lilly with the Chicken
Salad, but the right kind of Lillies were not blooming,
so I just added it to the plate. I also served
muffins, chocolate covered strawberries and kiwi.
It was a great hit with everyone. Below is my chicken
salad recipe. It is yummy.
The recipe was in a Southern Living Magazine
a few years ago.

1 package cream cheese softened (8 oz)
1 cup mayonnaise
1 t salt
6 cup chopped (I shredded it) cooked chicken breast
1 8 oz crushed pineapple drained
2/3 cup sweeten dried cranberries

3 stalks celery chopped very fine

The recipe calls for 2 t curry powder, but I did not use it.

Whisk together cream cheese and next 3 ingredients in a large
bowl; stir in chicken, pineapple and cranberries just until blended.

You can also serve it with mini croissants.

Another way to serve it is to:

Spoon mixture into a plastic wrap lined 8 inch round cake
pan. Cover and chill at least 8 hours or up to 24. Invert
chicken salad onto a cake stand and remove plastic wrap.
Gently press chopped almonds onto sides of chicken salad.
Garnish with fruit.

Anyone else have great recipes for outdoor lunches you can share with us?


Kay said...

The chicken salad sounds very good. I recently grilled shrimp for the first time and it was delicious.... I put them on skewers that had been soaked in water for a couple hours. Then I dripped lime juice on them. I'll definately be serving it at my next picnic.

Cheryl Hirzel said...

This recipe is a must try - since I am so not a curry fan, and you left it out too, I know it must be as good as it sounds!

I love you blog...all these stamp sets, what company makes them? They are simply adorable images! Looking forward to meeting you at the UP stamp event!