Monday, July 28, 2008


Graphically Speaking

This cartridge is for those who love the look of patches, posters, or modern graphic titles. It contains hundreds of unique phrases, words, and images that you can mix and match with fonts and icons. When combined, the resulting images are full of energy and style and are perfect for paper crafting or home decor.

Storybook Cartridge
Recapture the imagination and art of nursery rhymes,
fairy tales, and fables. With the Storybook cartridge, it
is easy to create flourishes that can be layered onto each
letter and add that extra childhood magic to any project.
Other features include decorative corners, borders, frames,
and icons all guaranteed to give your project a "happily ever after."

I am placing another order today for these
two new carts. (I have sold all I received on
my first order). I sell these carts for $55.00
plus shipping. The average shipping has been
running about $3.00). If you would like to
preorder these carts please
e-mail me. They
will ship approximately August 12. Thank you.

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