Friday, July 25, 2008

Pink Yarrow

The clear pink blooms of Pink Yarrow are most
prevalent in late spring and into the late summer.
The flowers gradually fade to white and brown. The
clump gradually spreads by underground runners and is
easily divided. I have yet to have damage due to cold.
As the flowers fade, I keep it deadheaded and it continues
to bloom. The plants can withstand a summer of drought
but they look a lot better with just a little water. It is one
of the showiest plants in the garden at this time when so
many of the plants are done blooming for the season. The
flowers are great in bouquets too. Can you tell it is a favorite
of mine? My friend Patty gave me this plant, so I think of
her often as I stroll through the gardens.

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Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Hi Joan: Have been enjoying all your scrap pages and a trip down memory lane!!! LOVE all you garden pics and I just printed out your recipe for Cucumber Soup and Sage Biscuits -- sounds wonderful!!! I NEED to do something about finding more kitchen time!!!