Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Astilbies this year

I love Astilbies and I used to not be able to
grow them until a friend of mine read that they
need lots of water. Once I realized this and started
watering alot, I now have beautiful flowering Astilbies,
5 varieties to be exact. I wonder how many varieties
there are. Guess I need to do some research. How about
you, do you have other varities than mine?
Please leave a comment and tell me about your Astilbies.


Kay said...

Mine look similar to your top left hand photo, but I'm guessing mine need more water!!! :)

Gmama4 said...

I have tried them 3 times but never have had success. So it is water....well as H2O is now so expensive here I won't try again.. Oh! darn as they are so pretty.