Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am in Chicago, Illinois taking a Copic Marker Class and
attending the Craft and Hobby Show with my niece, Cathy.
Today is our class and we will be learning how to color.
Copic Markers are the Cadillac of all least this
is what the Card Markers think.
I think our teacher is in for a hard day, as neither one of us
has had any experience in this area. I am sure if we had some
art training it would be helpful, but we haven't. Once we complete
this training we will be certified instructors. I just can't
imagine this, but we will see.
All my life I have loved learning and accomplishing new things.
So, this is another one of those new things for me to learn and I am
"dragging" Cathy along with me. What a great niece she is for doing
this with me. And, I just look forward to spending the weekend with
her doing the things we both love. I know we will shop till we drop,
but what fun we will have. Since I will be gone, this will be my last
post until Monday.
Have a great weekend and I will return with lots of news for you.

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