Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Mom

I keep talking about my Mom, so I thought you
might enjoy seeing a layout which shows her
picture. This was taken a few years ago at a quilt
show that she sponsored, but she looks about the
same. She will be 94 in December and she is
still teaching quilt classes at least 2 days a

I didn't learn her quilting talent, but she sure
has taught me to love flowers and how to grow
them. We have always kidded her about her
green thumb.

She lives only about 3 miles from me and still
continues to keep her own house and putters
in her gardens. She has made several quilts
this year already. I try to take her evening
meal to most nights. I am very grateful that
she is in good health and has a good mind. I
am truly blessed!

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