Friday, June 27, 2008

Flower Update

This photo is a close up of my "mystery" plant.
It has really bloomed out this week and it
is so pretty. We still have no idea what it is.
Any ideas?

My family started arriving Wednesday night
for our family reunion. My brother and his
daughter and son. Last night Mom, Walt,
(my brother), Rick, Cathy and I played cards.
Jon got called in to work for a problem they were
having and didn't get home until almost 11 o'clock.

I think my Mom would choose to play cards
over eating any day. We play "golf" with her
and she loves it.

Our family has always been Rook players, but you
have to have four people to play. With Golf, any
number can play, so almost every Sunday evening Jon
and I go to Moms for a couple card games. She looks
so forward to it and it is something the three of us can do.

1 comment:

Kay said...

It looks like a mallow....does that ring a bell with you? I'd check the mallows....