Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I bought these new Columbine plants this spring and
they haven't disappointed me. They continue to have
lots of new blooms on each plant.

Columbine is an early Summer flowering plant. One of
the easiest perennials to grow with delightful, interesting
flower shape.

I love them because they also self-seed and I get lots of
new plants from the seeds. Also, I have found that if
I cut them back, sometimes they will re bloom. I have to
be careful though, or I won't have any seeds for self-seeding.

I soon hope to get back to card making, but this time of
year I have to spend so much time outside working in my
gardens, that there just isn't enough time in the day.

And, starting tonight my family will be arriving for our annual
Salyer/Shepherd family reunion. Oh how much fun we have.
My brother comes from Arkansas, niece from Wisconsin, nephew
from North Carolina, daughter and family from Michigan
and sometimes we have family from Kentucky.
Our home is the gathering place and I absolutely love it!

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