Saturday, June 21, 2008

2008 Lilly

2008 Lilly

This morning, my Apricot Lilly is absolutely beautiful.
My Mother's favorite flowers are lilies, but they have
never been a favorite of mine until I purchased this
one. Two years ago my gardening friends and I attended
a Garden Walk in Nappanee, Indiana. At one of the homes,
an Amish man had lots of plants for sale. I fell in love
with this Lilly, so I purchased it. Each year it just keeps
getting larger and it blooms for weeks. I think right now
it has well over a hundred buds on it. It truly is the
highlight of my garden this morning.

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Judy said...

Hi from Kentucky. I was bloghopping and stopped to read yours. I love your flowers and your granddaughter is as beautiful as the flowers! The cake is amazing, also. My yard is very shaded so I find it hard to grow flowers that bloom. I enjoyed your blog.