May Special - Free Decorated Stick Pin

Thursday, May 5, 2016


**I will include a free decorated stick pin with 
all orders over $25 placed in the month of May.

 These pins are beautifully handcrafted by me and I will pick one to send you in appreciation for your business.  These are great to stick in a bow to embellish a special card.
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PSX Stamps For Sale (and a few others)

PSX stamps are wood mounted rubber stamps that were sold by the  Personal Stamp Exchange company (PSX) and became popular in the 1980's and 90's. Well known for their intricate illustrations, deep rubber etching and high quality materials, these stamps are collector's items now that the company no longer exists.  Original PSX stamps are considered rare and hard to find collectibles and can fetch high prices wherever they can be found.  I have (5) of these PSX stamps available.   I was going to sell them on Ebay, but thought I would post on my website first in case there are any customers that are collectors and might be looking for any of these.  They are all NEW, mint condition.  Call 574-784-9050 or send e-mail to:

I only have (1) of each stamp, so this is a first come basis.

Grist Mill River Trees Scene Stamp
3-3/4" x 4-3/4"
$25.00 plus shipping
(this stamp is currently listing on Ebay for $73.45 USED)

Botanical Lilac Oleaceae Stamp
 3-3/4" x 4-3/4"
$25.00 plus shipping 
(this stamp is currently listed on Ebay for $49.99 & $59.99 USED)

Botanical Water Lilies Stamp
 3-3/4" x 4-3/4"
$25.00 plus shipping  
(this stamp is currently listed on Ebay for $59.99 USED)

Botanical Calla Lily Stamp
 3-3/4" x 4-3/4"
 $25.00 plus shipping 
(this stamp is currently listed on Ebay for $49.99 USED)

Bucket of Tulips Stamp
3-1/2" x 4"
$12.00 plus shipping
(this stamp is currently listed on Ebay for $15.99 - $29.99 USED) 

PLUS....a couple others:

Stampa Rosa
House Mouse Best Friends Stamp 241
4-1/4" x 5-1/2"
Rare/Hard to Find
$20.00 plus shipping
(this stamp is currently listing on Ebay for $49.99 USED)

Stamps by Judith 
Large Frazzled Cat Stamp U-04
4" x 6"
$10.00 plus shipping 


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Cards by Card Designer Joan Morrison - Featuring Sue Wilson dies

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Card Designer Joan Morrison has created some lovely cards using Creative Expressions by Sue Wilson dies.  She has shown how versatile these die sets are and how easily the end product can be so different just by using or not using some of the components in the set.  What I love about all Sue Wilson dies is that even a beginner card maker can make spectacular cards with very little effort or experience, because the dies do all the work.  You can glitz them up with glitter paper, pearls and rhinestones, bows and flowers or create a simple card with no embellishments, add a sentiment and you still have a beautiful and unique card that you will be proud to give to anyone.  If you would like to order any of the products used or if you have any questions about these dies and how to use them, please give me a call at 574-784-9050 or send an e-mail to:

 These 3 cards look so different, yet they were all made using
Sue Wilson's CED4104 New York Collection - Madison Square - $25.99

Beautiful glitter paper, the decorative inner cut out used,
flower and Happy Birthday sentiment make this fancy card.
Cheery Lynn B436 Tea Rose Med. and Cheery Lynn
Happy Birthday 
Sentimentally Yours Birthday Verses #2 Stamp Set

This card used the solid inner cut out which allowed a stamped
sentiment from the SYBS2C Baroque Sentiments 2 Stamp Set.
Decorative Corners (Cheery Lynn B161 Lace Corners) and 
Cheery Lynn B436 Tea Rose Med.
Sentimentally Yours Birthday Verses #2 Stamp Set
This lovely yet simple card didn't use any of the inner cut outs
and was embellished with Memory Box 98482 Lovely Peony,
but any open cut flower would work.

This card was made with the Sue Wilson CED4308 Frames
and Tags - Tessa - $25.99 

 Wow!  Can't believe these 2 cards were made by the same die set.
CED9205 Belgian Collection - Bruges - $21.99
What a difference it makes either using the outer cutting die 
or just using the inner cutting dies.  Be creative!  Look how
gorgeous the first card is by simply cutting the die out of 
Graphic 45 and layering on a solid peach card panel.
Embellishments were from Marianne Design:
The second card also features CED4412  Mini Gemini - Vela - $14.50

All 3 of these cards were amazingly made by the same die set...
CED9103 Swiss Collection - Zurich - $19.50
What an exquisite variety!!
Look at the different effect you get by using the die either upright
or sideways and with different backgrounds.  
CED9206 - Belgian Collection - Antwerp - $20.99 

Two totally different results from CED9105 Swiss Collection - Bern -  $19.50
The camera does not do justice to beauty of this card.  The decorative
insert was cut into double sided adhesive and coated with Cosmic Shimmer
Glitter Jewels - Iced Snow - what a dazzling effect!   
Then mounted on a background and embellished with leaves that
feature the Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Flakes in Red Blaze - what
a wonderful fall card.

Thank you Joan, for showing us how one die set can have the 
potential to make so many different style cards.  Sometimes
we need a little help to think outside the box!

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Frantic Stamper - New Mother's Day and Father's Day Themed Dies and Stamps

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Frantic Stamper has a wonderful selection of Mother's Day and Father's Day themed dies and stamps featuring retro kitchen dies and lots of fishing dies.  I just love the fun dies in this release!  Wish the supplier would have got these in a little sooner for Mother's Day cards, but these dies would be great for any kitchen/woman themed cards, etc.  Call 574-784-9050 or send an e-mail to: 
Mom's Apron
2" x 3"
Apron features a separate pocket piece to place wherever desired, 
and  is designed with an attached frilly fringe, which when cut, 
can easily be detached with a simple snip of the scissors, 
allowing you to create 2-tone aprons if you wish. 
$9.99 plus shipping
Retro Mom in the Kitchen
1.25" x 2.75"
$5.99 plus shipping
Baking a Pie 
6 dies
Lattice Top Pie: 2.2" x 1"
Rolling Pin: 1.75" x 0.375"
Dough: 2.25" x 0.75"
3 shaped cookies or cookie cutters: approx. 0.25" each.
$10.99 plus shipping 
Mixing Bowls and Whisk
 set of 4 dies includes 3 stackable mixing bowls and a wire whisk. 
The bowls measure: 2.25" x 1.4"; 1.75" x 1.1"; 1.5" x 0.875"; 
and the whisk measures 0.75" x 1.75"
$14.99 plus shipping
Oven Mitt and Pot Holder
 The oven mitt measures 0.9" x 1.5"
and the pot holder measures 1" x 1.125"
$5.99 plus shipping 
Egg Beater
.8" x 1.7"
$5.99 plus shipping
Retro Hand Mixer
1.8" x 1.25"
$5.99 plus shipping 
*example also features Retro Toaster
and Cutlery
 Retro Stand Mixer
1.45" x 1.5"
$5.99 plus shipping
*example also features Handmade with Love 
Retro Toaster
1.25" x 1.1"
$5.99 plus shipping 
*example also features Coffee Pot
Tea Kettle and Coffee Pot
 tea kettle (1" x 1.3") 
 retro coffee pot (0.875" x 1.25") 
$5.99 plus shipping
Pots and Pans
 Pot: 1.25" x 0.8" (cut off one of the handles and use it as a mug!)
Pan: 1.4" x 0.375"
Lid: 0.875" x 0.35
$5.99 plus shipping 
1.6" x 0.75" cutting board
 and 3 knives each measuring 1.25" long 
$5.99 plus shipping
  spoon (1.25" long)
fork (1.375" long)
 knife (1.625" long)
$4.99 plus shipping 
Handmade with Love
3.25" x 1.875"
$9.99 plus shipping 
Recipe and Menu
 Set of 2 word dies:
Recipe: 2.5" x 1.5"
Menu: 2.375" x 0.75"
$7.99 plus shipping
Mom Round Vignette Insert 
1.25" diam.
$5.99 plus shipping
Motherly Love Clear Stamp Set
  4"x6" set of clear stamps
$14.99 plus shipping
In the Kitchen Clear Stamp Set 
4"x8" set of clear stamps
$19.99 plus shipping
 NOTE: these stamps coordinate with the dies in the series, but 
they are not sized the same, and NOT meant to be cut with the dies. 
Dad Square Vignette Insert
1.25" x 1.25"
$4.99 plus shipping
Dad's Catch
2.625" x 2.625"
$12.99 plus shipping 
Canoe and Paddle
2.5" x 1"
$5.99 plus shipping
Fishing on the Dock
3.75" x 2.2"
$10.99 plus shipping
*example also features Shoreline Bullrushes,
Shoreline Cattails and Grasses 
A Day on the Lake
3.25" x 1.5"
$9.99 plus shippng
Large Fishing Fly 
3" x 2.45"
$10.99 plus shipping 
Fishing Fly Assortment
 4 fishing lures and flies measuring: 
2" x 0.75", 2" x 0.875", 1.5" x 1.5", and 1.75" x 1.375"
$13.99 plus shipping
*example also features Fancy Fish and Fishing pole 
Fancy Fish
2.6" x 2.6"
$9.99 plus shipping
Shoreline Bullrushes
.8" x 2.25"
$5.99 plus shipping
*example also features Shoreline Grass,
Shoreline Cattails and Shoreline Reeds
Shoreline Reeds
.8" x 2.8"
$5.99 plus shipping 
Shoreline Grass
 0.75" x 1.25" and 0.75" x 1.5"
$5.99 plus shipping 
Shoreline Cattails
.875" x 2.75"
$5.99 plus shipping 
Fishing Pole
3.2" x .7"
$5.99 plus shipping
Fishing Card Panel
3.75" x 5"
$25.99 plus shipping
Fishing Lesson
2.2" x 2.875"
$13.99 plus shipping
* fits inside lattice oval frame (FRA9798) 
or the Elementals #12 Ovals (FRA9795) 
for a nice layered effect.
Lattice Oval Frame
3.75" x 5"
Oval opening of 2.2" x 2.95"
$25.99 plus shipping

Elementals #12 - Ovals
This grouping features a large (4"x 5.25") outer frame die 
featuring a fine detail filigree pattern, 
Plus 6 nesting ovals (2.625" x 3.5"; 2.25" x 3.25"; 1.875" x 2.5";
 1.5" x 2"; 1.125" x 1.5"; and 0.75" x 1").
**(Note: these dies will need to be cut apart for use) 
$28.99 plus shipping

My Favorite Dad Clear Stamp Set
 4"x8" set of  13 clear stamps
$19.99 plus shipping 

All in the Family Clear Stamp Set
4"x6" set of clear stamps
$14.99 plus shipping 
Elementals #13 - Pop Ups #2
$25.99 plus shipping
*Watch video to see how to use each of these
different dies to create wonderful pop up cards.
Floral Eye Dazzler Card Panel
3.75" x 5"
$25.99 plus shipping 
Floral Eye Dazzler Medallion
2.25" diam.
$10.50 plus shipping 
Petal Squares In-Betweens
 7 dies: 4.25", 3.75", 3.25", 2.75", 2.25", 1.75" and 1.25" 
* coordinates with Stitched Petal Squares (FRA9737) to create perfect layers. 
$25.99 plus shipping
Petal Rectangles In-Betweens
4 dies: 4.25" x 2.25", 3.75" x 1.75", 3.25" x 1.25", and 2.75" x 0.75" 
* coordinates with Stitched Petal Rectangles (FRA9736) to create perfect layers.
$17.99 plus shipping 
2.875" x 1.5"
$5.99 plus shipping 
3.5" x 1"
$5.99 plus shipping 
3.125" x 1"
$5.99 plus shipping 

2.625" x 1"
$5.99 plus shipping
Gardening Tools
4 dies
Largest tool .75" x 2.5"
$9.99 plus shipping 

Gardening Pots
 The pots measure: 0.625" x 0.625"; 0.75" x 0.75";
 1.125" x 1"; and 2" x 1.75"
$8.99 plus shipping 
Double Diamond Card Panel
3.625" x 4.8"
$25.99 plus shipping 
Lacey Edger
5.5" x 1.3"
$12.99 plus shipping 
Hexagon In-Betweens
5 dies
 The hexagons measure 3.125" x 3.625", 2.5" x 2.875",
 1.875" x 2.125", 1.2" x 1.375", 0.55" x 0.625"
$18.99 plus shipping
*coordinates with Stitched Hexagons FRA9830 to form perfect layers.
Stitched Hexagons
5 dies
Hexagons measure 3.5" x 4", 2.8" x 3.25", 2.2" x 2.5", 
1.5" x 1.75", and 0.875" x 1". 
The stitching on both the inside and outside of the hexagons
 give added versatility as they can be used for positive and negative 
cut work (such as creating a hexagon shaped window aperture
 in your card with a stitched outer border).
$21.99 plus shipping
*coordinates with FRA9829 Hexagon In-Betweens 
Linked Hexagon Border
5.45" x 1.6"
$13.99 plus shipping 
Watering Can
1.45" x 1.25"
$6.99 plus shipping 
Wooden Potting Bench
5 dies
 3.5" x 3" potting bench, a seedling pot measuring 0.75" x 1.3", 
and 3 smaller pots (0.7" x 0.625", 0.5" x 0.5", and 0.4" x 0.4"). 
$19.99 plus shipping
Wooden Wheelbarrow
3.25" x 1.625"
$7.99 plus shipping 
Hexagon Card Panel
3.75" x 5"
$25.99 plus shipping
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