Happy Thanksgiving from Terri

Thursday, November 26, 2015
I want to wish a sincere and heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful Joan's Gardens customers and friends.  In talking to so many of you in weeks past, and our pleasant wishing each other a Happy Thanksgiving, I realize that the holidays are quite different for each person.  Some may be sitting down to a feast today with a house full of family members, some may not.  Some may be busy preparing the meal, some may be traveling to someone else's home, and some may just be having a dinner for two at home because of distance, illness, etc. and some may be alone.
Whatever your plans are for this Thanksgiving Day, may we remember it is not all about the turkey and trimmings and pumpkin pie.  It's about taking a day to truly reflect on all our many blessings and give thanks to God for His goodness.  For some, you don't have to think very hard to come up with lots of things to be thankful for, for others who might be going through tough times, sickness, loss of a loved one, loneliness, it might be a little harder to look past what they are going through right now and see all His blessings.  My prayer is that no matter where you are in life, no matter what you are doing or where you are going, that God's peace would be with you, and that you would see His many blessings and be thankful for them, not only today but everyday.

I am so thankful for this business and all the relationships I have formed with so many of you.  This is not a job...it's a blessing.  To be able to talk to people every day, get to know them,  laugh with them, cry with them, pray for them, and how many have prayed for me too.  Wow.

Have a safe and blessed Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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Creative Expressions by Sue Wilson - Christmas Sentiment Stamps

Sunday, November 22, 2015
Creative Expressions by Sue Wilson has a couple Christmas Sentiment Stamps that she uses on her Christmas cards that are so lovely.  I did not know that my supplier carried these as they are not grouped with the rest of the Sue Wilson products on his website for some reason.  Many have inquired about these stamps, so thought I would post them even though most have already finished your Christmas cards.  But there are always the cards for the years to come that you could use these on. Don't wait too long, these will probably sell out quickly.  If you would like to add these stamps to your Sue Wilson collection, you can send an e-mail to: myjoansgardens@yahoo.com or call me at: 574-784-9050


 Peace on Earth Clear Stamp Set
12 Stamps 
 Largest 2 5/8" x 7/8" to smallest 7/8" x 7/8 
$19.99 plus shipping
Peace Joy Love Clear Stamp Set
11 Stamps 
 Largest 2 5/8" x 7/8" to smallest 7/8" x 7/8 
$19.99 plus shipping

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Creative Expressions by Sue Wilson - New Items!

Friday, November 20, 2015
Creative Expressions has come out with even more beautiful dies to tempt us!  Several wonderful additions to the Finishing Touches Collection, the Frames and Tags Collection, Mini Gemini Dies, Expressions Collection, Configurations and Noble Dies and a new Background Die that is all the rave.  If there is anything that you simply must have from this spectacular line of products, you can e-mail me at: myjoansgardens@yahoo.com or call me at: 574-784-9050

Finishing Touches - Orange Blossom - Complete Petals
16 dies
 A set of orange blossom petals are great for layering. 
In this set there are a few different shapes of petals in
 various sizes and also includes the center for each flower. 
These are the solid background flowers to start layering 
and they can be used as is or in combination with the 
coordinating open petals item CED1446.
Largest petal-2.36" x 2.36"
Smallest petal-0.59" x 0.59"

$28.50 plus shipping

Finishing Touches - Orange Blossom - Open Petals
12 dies
 Open petals dies cut the outline of the petal leaving the inside
open for a delicate flower that you can layer with
 the various sizes or you can use as an overlay
 when you use with the complete petals (item CED1445)
 Largest petal- 2.36" x 2.36"
Smallest petal- 0.59" x 0.59"
$28.50 plus shipping

Finishing Touches - Orange Blossom Leaves
2 dies
Branches can be used in conjunction with
the Orange Blossom flower dies CED1445 and CED1446
Size: 2.36"w  x 2.76"h
$17.99 plus shipping

Finishing Touches - Blushing Rose
10 dies
 Each flower and leaf in this set comes
 with the coordinating background shape.
These beautifully detailed roses cut the outline of each
petal leaving lots of openness to see your background peeking through.
 The 3 different sizes are perfect for bunching
 at the corners or centers of your card.
Largest rose- 1.97"w x 1.97"h
Smallest rose- 1.18"w x1.18"h
$16.99 plus shipping

Finishing Touches - Bearded Pansy
9 dies
3 sizes of bearded pansies with matching 
 background dies and 3 sizes of leaves.
The center of the pansy embosses while the outside petals
 are cut open allowing the background  to show through.
Largest pansy-1.77"w x 1.18"h
Smallest pansy-1.18"w x 1.18"h
$17.99 plus shipping

Finishing Touches - Daisy Cluster
2 dies
A very pretty cluster of daisy flowers with
 background leaves are formed in a nice arch. 
Use the second die which is the solid version of the
 3 center daisies to place under or over the cluster.
Size: 1.97"w x 4.13" h $16.99 plus shipping

Finishing Touches - Petite Peony Cluster
2 dies
 Size: 1.77"w x 2.95"h
$11.99 plus shipping

Finishing Touches - Heart of Hearts
 3 dies
An elegant heart filled with tiny hearts and
2 sizes of background hearts.
 Try it with different backgrounds like silver gilding flakes
 peeking through the overlay.
Size: 2.91"w x 2.99"h
$14.99 plus shipping



Finishing Touches - Scalloped Lattice Buckle Bar
These dies will help you create stunning borders
and pretty bars every time.
Size: 1.26"w x 5.91"h
$11.99 plus shipping

Finishing Touches - Filigree Buckle Bar
these dies will help you create stunning borders
 and pretty bars every time.
Size-1.26"w x 5.91"h
$11.99 plus shipping

Striplets - Intertwining Circles
2 dies
 A mini striplet of intertwining circles has some circles
 that cut and some just emboss which is perfect for adding glitter,
pearls or jewels add texture and interest to your cards.

It is a smaller striplet so it is perfect to make smaller cards.
 It makes a lovely background when cut multiple times.
 It is equally at home when used as a clean and simple design too.
Size- 1.77"w x 5.31"h
$14.99 plus shipping

Striplets - Ornate Octagons
2 dies
 Can be used as a background for a whole card or as border or insert.
 Size-2.28"w x 6.30"h
$18.99 plus shipping
**This card is also featuring the center oval from
CED7101 Cathedral Background die and
 the CED1445 Orange Blossom - Complete Petals

Striplets - Lattice Window
4 dies
 The Lattice Window striplet is very unique in that there are
 four dies in the set to offer quite a few more options.
The outer dies can be used as frames for your text stamps.
Size-2.16"w x 6.10"h
$18.99 plus shipping
**This card is also featuring the CED4308 Tessa die.

Frames and Tags - Tessa
4 dies
 The set has been designed in multiple rings
so that you can create any number of layers
up or down on your projects.
Size-3.82"w x 4.72"h
$25.99 plus shipping

Frames and Tags - Hannah
4 dies
Size-3.74"w x 4.92"h
$24.50 plus shipping

Frames and Tags - Zoe 
4 dies
Zoe is a bit smaller, perfect as a tag
 or for making smaller cards.
 Size-3.94"w x 2.76"h
$16.50 plus shipping

Frames and Tags - Alexandra 
6 dies
 The Alexandra set has extra piercing detail on the dies and
with more dies in the set, can be layered up for spectacular results.  
Size-3.86"w x 4.84"h
$25.00 plus shipping

Frames and Tags - Emma
5 dies
The Emma Set is a bit larger and can easily carry a card
 as well as look fabulous mixed with other dies in my range. 
 This set has separate cutting edges so it can easily be backed 
with a second color card too.
Size-3.15"w x 5.12"h 

$22.00 plus shipping

Frames and Tags - Grace
7 dies
Size- 4.09"w x 3.82"h
$22.00 plus shipping

Mini Gemini Die - Indus
3 dies

Mini Gemini Die-Indus has a teardrop design to it.
 It comes with three dies which will work well as borders,
both on the sides or the top and bottom of your cards.
These dies can be used as edges behind other dies or mats,
 or just add a pretty decorative edge to your cards. 
The two separate crafting edges of the die allow you to create
different edge designs or to cut out the shape completely.
Size-1.18"w x 6.46"h
$13.50 plus shipping
**This card also features CED1614 Ornate Octagons
and CED1449 Bearded Pansy


Mini Gemini Die - Corvus
3 dies
Corvus is a delicate design with a fluid shape to it.
It comes with three dies which will work well as borders,
 both on the sides or the top and bottom of your cards.
The two separate cutting edges of this die allow you to create
different edge designs or to cut out the shape completely.
Size- 1.46"w x 6.42"h
$15.00 plus shipping
**This card also features CED4312 Emma and
the CED1454 Filigree Buckle Bar

Expressions - Bold Thank You
3 dies
5.39" x 1.50"
$13.50 plus shipping

Expressions - My Friend
4 dies
A lovely script with the words 'So Glad You're My Friend'
sends a heartfelt greeting. The greeting also comes with a circle die,
a filigree frame and a background for the filigree frame.
Size- 4.72"w x 5.24"h
$28.50 plus shipping

Expressions - Just Because
 4 dies
A wonderful text die that can be used so often when
you just want someone to know you care.
This text die comes with 3 other dies for framing which
are wonderful to have in the event you want to replace the '
just because' with a stamped saying. These frames will be indispensable.
Size: 4.92"w x 1.69"h
$13.50 plus shipping

Expressions - Ornate Frame -  Brighter Days
4 dies
 A larger framed sentiment designed so that it can be used
in the frame in either direction for greater versatility.
The sentiment is also interchangeable between either of these
 die sets (also CED5420) for additional versatility.
The sentiment comes with a beautiful frame die to compliment it
and has separate cutting edges so they can be cut out of the card
or left in for completely different creative looks for your projects.
Size- 4.72"w x 4.72"h
$28.50 plus shipping

Noble Dies - Double Pierced Squares - Set B
10 dies
 With a larger size in mind, the Noble Dies have been designed
to add frames to your card projects.
These sets will give you the cuts that fit in between the previous released sets.
If your budget stretches to both sets, then you
will be able to mat and layer at 1/8th inch intervals.
This allows for a more precise matting and layering.
Size-1.46"w x 1.46"h to 7.36"w x 7.36"h
**Special Price: $53.00 plus shipping 

Noble Dies - Double Pierced Rectangles - Set B 
10 dies
 With a larger size in mind, the Noble Dies have been designed
to add frames to your card projects.
These sets will give you the cuts that fit in between the previous released sets.
If your budget stretches to both sets, then you
will be able to mat and layer at 1/8th inch intervals.
This allows for a more precise matting and layering.
Size-1.46"w x 1.46"h to 7.36"w x 7.36"h
**Special Price: $53.00 plus shipping 

Configurations - Swirly Lace Edger
2 dies
Configuration dies can be used to create multiple designs. 
There are illustrations on the packaging highlighting
 the potential ways these dies can be used together.
Size-0.98"w x 4.13"h
$12.00 plus shipping

Configurations - Meridian Edger
4 dies
 Configuration dies can be used to create multiple designs.
There are illustrations on the packaging highlighting
the potential ways these dies can be used together.
This set comes with the coordinating background dies for each shape.
1.57" x 3.15"
$13.50 plus shipping

Configurations - Fanciful Trim
Size: 0.98"w x 4.92"h
$10.00 plus shipping

Background Dies - Cathedral Background
4 dies
The Cathedral Background die is just so pretty
 and can be used in so many ways too.  
The die comes in four pieces so there is a huge versatility to it. 
The large oval piece in the center is beautiful enough on it's own, 

but use it with the outer frame and you will be amazed at how pretty it is.
Size:4.25" x 6.26"h 

$28.50 plus shipping

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Tattered Lace New Items

Some new items from Tattered Lace, unfortunately not any of the great Christmas ones that we are starting to see.  I am hoping that my supplier will still get them, but if not by now, I don't know.  As usual, if you see anything you want, send an e-mail to: myjoansgardens@yahoo.com or call me at: 574-784-9050

Tattered Lace Magazine - Issue #23 
Tattered Lace Magazine #23 includes a delicate
 "Congratulations" die as your free die this month 
and 6 tutorials to get you started.
  As well as the free die, there is also a free gift of the Cut Tidy! 
Cut Tidy is a fabulous product that,
 not only makes die cutting easy, but also tidy too!
 A How To is also included, so give it a try!

There are 29 top notch projects featured in the magazine.
 Most of the projects  use the free papers in the center of the magazine.  
$19.99 plus shipping

Charleston Couple
2.24" x 3.94"
$21.00 plus shipping

Vintage Caravan
3.37" x 2.72"
$21.00 plus shipping 

Vintage Pram
2.91" x 2.91"
$23.00 plus shipping

Baby Penguin
1.77" x 2.56"
$15.00 plus shipping 

Horse and Jockey
3.94" x 3.58"
$24.00 plus shipping

Barley Grass
Sml Grass: 0.83" x 2.32"
Lg Grass: 1.34" x 4.65"
$21.50 plus shipping

A Little Bit of Love
3.27" x 5"
$35.00 plus shipping 

Moonlight Dance
3.15" x 4.33" 
$31.00 plus shipping
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